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And the visit did not disappoint

So the actual day of traveling to and from the doctor's office was painful in a traffic sucks kind of way. I am a road rage embracing fool as a rule and the drive to and fro made me want to maim something.

As for the doctor's visit.. . . .

It was a Pulminary Specialist to go along with her fabu breathing issues. She had to do one of those Breathe IN and the PUSH the air out of your lungs for all you are worth for a count of maybe 5. The poor thing looked like she was going to pass out. I of course had to photograph it to share with my sibling (for posterity, yeah that's it). Amazingly the 'Rent's breathing has not gotten as bad as we had feared, her response to her decline in lung capacity was of course, something out of the Twilight Zone. "I think it would have been better if I took my teeth out." Um, I am not sure how that all figures into her little brain but somehow it does. I did ask for clarification that she did INDEED mean that she felt her fals…

Be vewwy quiet. . . YAY!

Sorry for the delay between postings, but if you can imagine, my 'Rent has been well behaved for the majority of the month and no one has said anything incredibly stupid. Bizarre meter is only hitting one or two on the WTF scale, so really, not much to report.

We do have a doctor's visit this afternoon. (The 'Rent that is)..... So who knows, we might have some HILARITY to update later.

Hip Hip Hooray for the 'Rent

While I poke fun and spend many days trying to catch a ride on her logic train, I would be lost without the invaluable and always amusing interaction she provides. She may make me crazy and she may in fact BE crazy, she is 75 today. She wanted NOTHING for her birthday. Too bad. She got some new cool shoes from my fabulous sibling, and from me she shall be getting several dozen flowers. So on this day, I shall not poke fun, although I am sure she will give me something to poke fun at, but for today she gets a pass.