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Learning appreciation

As we age we are the sum of all of our experiences. For most of us there are scars we carry into adulthood that we learn to incorporate into who we are as we move forward, and sometimes it isn't that simple. In the last decade, as each year passes I find that I have gone from feeling uncomfortable in my skin to liking who I am. Finally. What other people think does cause me pause on some level, but not enough to not be who I am now.

The point of this is, that growing up I had a VERY difficult relationship with the 'Rent, and would never have dreamed that she would be living with me, let alone having any type of meaningful resolution to our differences. I made a choice. I could carry all of the meh around and make myself sad, angry, mean, bitter (you get the idea), or I could let it go and make an effort each day to build something from nothing. I don't know if the 'Rent makes the same choices, but I CAN MAKE THEM FOR ME. So each day I get another chance to spend time t…