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The Mood of the Day = Many Hours of Internal Dialog

We are Human. What does that mean to me? The reality is, we are frail little creatures, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. However you want to look at it, any and all of those states of being, we are frail at some point in life in that category.
We all crave love, affection, attention, appreciation. The list goes on and on. If you are a person that craves none of those things then I am sorry to tell you but you are missing out. Those “things” when directed at us as a person make life worth living I don’t care who you are. My perspective is that of the kid that was always on the outside looking in. Due to circumstances beyond my control as a child, I never felt normal. I didn’t know how to act normal, speak normal, talk to other children, and it was obvious I didn’t fit in or wasn’t accepted. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of really good friends who could handle the awkward and stuck by me and helped ease the ache of being “not normal”. As an adult I still want t…

Even with an effort to be kinder I have 'Rent Stories......

I joined a gym two weeks ago. I can't afford it, and I am 30 pounds over looking like anyone that actually may benefit from a regular work out, but I am doing it anyway. FOR ME.

So the first night I get home from work approximately one hour later than usual,

I am greeted by the Poor, Pitiful, 'Rent looking at me with tears in her eyes, and quivering lip to be told. "I think I have cancer."
Me, "Really? You went right to cancer? You feel bad for a week so you go right to CANCER?"
'Rent, "Well something is wrong, I can tell I just don't feel right."
Me, "OK so can we go ask the doctor rather than jumping right to CANCER?"
'Rent, "Well I guess so, but I know he is going to tell me it is cancer."

At this point I leave her abode. I really have no words. I know she is now feeling neglected because I dare to take an extra 30 minutes out of my day and do for me rather than come home to sit and stare at her. But CANCER? We l…

What we have here, is a failure to communicate. Literally.

So the 'Rent had a doctor's appointment recently and the spousal unit was kind enough to take her for me to this appointment. It was with her lung doctor, to get a reading on IF and if so HOW BAD her breathing as gotten.

Apparently this involves being put in a chamber without the aid of her Oxygen Concentrator. What is in this chamber is still up for debate, as is the actual testing they did. From the spouse's description I get the feeling the chamber is so that they have an exact reading on the oxygen content in the air she is breathing without the machine, so they can test A) how much O2 her lungs are getting out of regular breathing, and B) how much air her lungs can actually push.

So I called her, and the conversation went like this:

Me, "Hi Mom, how did the doctor's office visit go? What did they say?"
'Rent, "My breathing hasn't really gotten any worse."
Me, "Well that is great news!"
'Rent, "The test was horrible. …