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Hate (the real thing)

1a: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury
  b: extreme dislike or antipathy :loathing<had a great hate of hard work> So. . . .  Well . . .   I have been trying to wrap my brain around the events in Boston, beyond the fact that it is a horrible tragedy. I am a person that has never really outgrown the WHY stage, much to my dearly departed father's chagrin. I am not going to say I have never uttered the words "I hate.....". I think we have all said that and perhaps even believe we feel that, but until September 11th and now the Boston Marathon, I don't think I understood the full depth of that word. Frankly I still don't. I have never hated another person with so much vehemence as to wish them dead on my own personal behalf. I have wished that they were no longer in my immediate life but never gone from this earth. Because while I may have no desire to be in their presence or deal with their drama, there is someone…

One Day of Sanity is simply too much to ask for

Phone rings at 8:30 Easter Sunday Morning, I see it is the 'Rent.

Me, "Yes ma'am?"
'Rent, "I have shingles."
Me, "What? How do you come by this?"
'Rent, "I have a great deal of pain and burning."
Me, "I'll be right there."

call ends. . .

Enter 'Rent's apartment.

Me, "So where are you having pain?"
'Rent, "All around here." This is said while circling her waist and under brazier line.
Me, "Mom I think the power of suggestion is getting to you."
'Rent, "Well it hurt so bad this morning that I had to take a Neosporin."
<insert blank staring confused as hell face here>
Me, "Do you mean a Naproxin?"
'Rent, "Yes, one of those."
Me, "OK, well do we need to make an appointment with the Doctor in the morning?"
'Rent, "No, we just need to get me the vaccine he told me to get."

So here is where the issue lies. The &#…