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Sometimes, well sometimes Life just SUCKS

Today I have no funny stories of the odd ducks I work with, or my crazy 'Rent and her antics.
Today I have a heavy heart and another piece of my childhood and love ripped to shreds.

You see dear reader, I see life as a journey.

As we get older we grow out of the bed wetting, plastic pantie/bedsheets stage into the sleep through the night stage.
We go to school.
We make friends.
We get to know our friends parents and their family.
If we are lucky enough and our friendships long standing enough our friend's siblings become our friends too, or family of the heart along with our friends. These folks become part of our shared history. As such we assume they will be a part of our story line for a long time to come. (AGES even)
We age.
We move through life and talk once in a while.
If they are real friends, time and distance have no real impact on their place in our lives and hearts. They are always there, we just don't get to see them like we used to.
These people become p…

Sometimes words just fail. . .

Here in my office they have started an initiative to recycle. Let me splain. I live in the deep South. Recycling is not only not practiced, it isn't even really encouraged. Having grown up in the NE, both the spousal unit and I have the life long habit of doing so, to the point that we have two garbage cans in the kitchen. One for recycling and one for garbage. And yes they are even labeled.

Since we started the actual request to get everyone in the office actively involved I have been keeping a plastic shopping bag at my desk to gather cans until I get more than ONE AT A TIME together to take down to the community location for gathering in the Ground Level.

This morning I went to get some ice for my brought from home beverage of choice and decided it was time for the current bag to be taken to be added to the collective. Not some huge feat of daring or abnormality. At least I didn't think so. Apparently I was mistaken.

I no longer work for the Serial Killer in hiding boss …

Elevator Lobby Randomness

Haven't really had any office nonsense to blog about lately. Of course because you are reading this I had a moment of bizarre while returning from Lunch today.

I am standing in the lobby waiting with my friend for the elevator to arrive and convey us upwards. Someone exits from the floor doors into said elevator lobby. As we had the button pushed to go up I thought I would ask if he wanted the elevator button for down pushed. The answer I got was bizarre at best, freaking creepy at worst. Let us just say, Ramirez (aka serial killer boy) now has a partner in crime whether they know each other or not.

Me: "I assume you need to go downstairs?" I ask while pushing the down button.
Creepy: "Well I was going to Yo-Yo. . . . Up. . . . . Down . . . . . Sideways . . . . . Diagonal . . . . . It don't matter." said in a voice that suggests, as my friend said, People Under The Stairs status.
Me: "OK then. Have a good day." as the elevator arrives and we get…