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Deep thoughts from a shallow pond

I have had a little time on my hands lately, well not really, but my mind works overtime all the time, so my mind turned to the subject of love in all it's forms.

I have often heard the phrase, "We don't pick who we love in life." and I tend to believe it as a rule because we can see evidence of it all around us all the time. Don't read this and say, "What ever do you mean?" I can think of several times where I have been around someone who looks at a couple and says, "Did I miss something? What is so and so doing with such and such?".

My thoughts took me further down that road because for some reason it led me to thinking about friends, family, everyone we come in contact with.

I made this mental journey because let's face it, we all have someone in our lives that we think, "HOW AM I RELATED TO THIS PERSON (WHY AM I SPENDING TIME WITH THIS PERSON)?"
There is no love there, at least you don't think so, you wonder if there i…

From a Distant View Point

Having a three day weekend (even with work being required at some point) I was planning on a ton of nothing, with the obligitory scrubbing of the abode and feeding of the herd of animals thrown in for continuity.

As per usual in my household, Best Laid Plans and all that dreck got shoved to the wayside as the spouse and I were informed by the 'Rent that she had a full grocery list and she expected us to go not only shopping WITH HER, but to the store of her choosing, which is INDEED outside of the convenient driving area.

So we load up the Parade of Spaz and away we drive. We get to the store, and I get the 'Rent her shopping scooter and the spouse gets a cart for himself and takes off for parts unknown to get our shopping done, while I trail the 'Rent getting her taken care of.

We had a total of maybe 20 items. The 'Rent had a full page list, so the spouse made it to the register before me. I had a few items to add to the conveyor so as the 'Rent and I passed I g…

Culture Shock, I has it.

There are some things I will never get used to, being a "DAMN YANKEE" in the deep south. I am in no way passing judgement here, this is just my observation of the things that make me stand out like a sore thumb at times.

- Never having a full winter. Today it is in the 30's. Two days ago it was in the 70's and we had Severe weather alerts for almost 24 hours.

- As such for the Winter, we have very little winter related sports (or large professional teams) in this area. Hockey is a thing of the past for us and the spouse and I miss it.

- Very hard to find a place to eat that does not feature FRIED as part of every main course. They exist but they aren't as readily available as one would think.

- If you are in the South East you better have a favorite SEC team and declare yourself or one shall be chose and assigned to you. Default is going to be the opposite of everyone in the room if you do not voice the same rabid fanaticism that they do.

- A major thing that I…