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In today's installment of WTF

I innocently leave my work area to go get a glass of water.
At the same time a person who also works in the building is also wandering in the building common areas.

We happen to meet in the elevator on the same floor at the same time, post me getting my water.

Me: "How's your day going?'
Co-worker: "I have been on three floors and can't find an open stall."

This would be the time to insert the completely blank staring face combined with the total look of horror.

Seriously. I don't generally discuss bathroom needs with ANYONE let alone a relative stranger.


'Rent Rage, I have it.

The 'Rent has been sick. And before I go any further in this tale, let me state for the record that this entire thing is due to a doctor not doing their due diligence when the patient has C.O.P.D.

We have been back and forth to her doctor for over two months now over all where she has not been feeling "right". The doctor did blood work, a urine test, and "listened" to her lungs and said she sounds clear. Let me be perfectly blunt here, if you are a doctor and have a patient with C.O.P.D. who is on oxygen 24/7, LISTENING to their lungs for anything is POINTLESS. A chest ex-ray is necessary to see if anything is going on in those lungs. And how do I know this you ask? BECAUSE THE CRAZY OLD BAT HAS HAD PNEUMONIA FOR A MONTH AND HER PRIMARY DOCTOR MISSED IT because all he did was LISTEN to her poor lungs. What he DID find was a U.T.I., which took two courses of Antibiotics to get cleared up. Once it was gone she still had blood in her urine so off we go to a Urolog…