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The never ending joy of Pet Ownership

I am sure that somewhere I have mentioned that we have a herd of pets. The herd is 3 LARGE dogs and 4 cats, and by large I mean, two dogs over 100 pounds. I love my herd. I really do, but when the herd decides that there shall be no sleep, then there shall be no sleep.

For anyone.

At any time.

Cats are naturally nocturnal so I can't really get too mad at them for the stupidity that abounds while they romp the night away on my head, on the bed, across any and all furniture etc. The cats tend to, when not running like hell screeching at each other hither and yon, to use me as their place of rest and or kneading spot. Most nights I can sleep through most of it.

Let us reflect on the last post, shall we. As I indicated, life recently has been mostly pain, gastrointestinal distress, lack of sleep, in general a miserable haze of sleep deprived SUCKAGE. Since I have stopped taking the offending medication, I am actually able to sleep through the night and quite well at that.

I will be…

Age and the joys of medicating age related ailments

I have reached that decade of age when all of the stupid crap we have done as a youth catch up to you. Poor food choices. Poor beverage consumption choices. Job Stress. Family Stress (er I mean joy, Family Joy).... And just plain old AGE. Not Old Age, but Age as a subject unto itself.

Everything is hanging lower. The eyes, well we have already discussed that. Now every day I have to take a pill to keep my blood pressure in check, and my cholesterol. And of course my pharmaceutical mood enhancers so I don't have a split from my reality and sob out of control for no apparent rational reason..... Or harm the 'Rent. (I jest).

So the latest adventure has been that one of my medications has not been agreeing with me. This is not new, they have side effect listings for a reason.

First it was the BP meds. Apparently what I was on gives you a dry cough, so we have to change that one. First try, so far so good. No more cough, and no imminent stroke or so I am told.....

The latest fun h…

I would love to get on your logic train, but it is lacking DOORS....

In moving south, we are living with hundreds and hundreds of little inch long red crunchy centipedes. Yes, centipedes. And we know they are crunchy because we step on them as they wander our house in the dark of night and we get to become intimately acquainted with them, via feet.

In the dark.

On cold floors.

Did I mention they crunch? And they have their own distinctive odor. The sound and feel is a sensory interaction I wish I had never experienced and will simply never forget for all of time. There is nothing else like it, and I don't mean in a good way like I never want to get past it, love to experience it over and over kind of way.

More of a night sweats and showers required post remembering, kind of way.

In all fairness to the centipedes, they were here first. And they don't perpetually cohabitate. The reality is, they come in late spring thru early summer, in droves. They live in the grass and apparently don't like it when it rains because they find their way into…

What did I just see?

So I am enroute to the grind this morning, and I am getting off of the interstate and onto another very busy highway, and as such am sitting in morning traffic.

The person in the vehicle in front of me is doing what I like to refer to as the Dude Stance in his seat. You know to what I refer. . . . The tilted to the right, leaning on our elbow, just hanging while we are driving...... Usually the left should is lifted up. I don't mean to stereo type but I suppose you could call it the Thug Position as well. Perhaps?


As we are getting into the lane to exit to the right, he starts what I would call the "get the water or itch out of my ear canal wiggle. Where you press on the little flap of ear cartilage on the face side

and wiggle your knuckle or finger (whatever you are pressing with) vigorously until you get rid of the itch, the water stops being annoying, etc. Regardless the issue gets resolved.

This person, however appeared to remove his entire finger from his ea…