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'Rent-ism number UMBILLION

OK, so yes I know I made that word up. But some days there are so many I just lose track. The 'Rent is a very smart woman who we have all underestimated for most of our lives. The main reason being, she blurts out things from time to time that leave you scratching your head trying to play catch up, only to find out you will NEVER get on that same playing field with her.

This week was my 44th birthday, and I got to have dinner with the 'Rent, my sibling and one of the nieces. While at dinner, one of the subjects discussed was music and concerts. I am a HUGE music fan. Probably my second greatest love besides books.

So my niece offers up that The Backstreet Boys will be coming to a local venue soon as we were discussing recent shows and upcoming shows. I was never a big fan but I appreciate the information just the same, and I am the appropriate age where she would think this was someone I would want to see. They were HUGE when we were her age. With that statement the 'Rent…

Of course I jest.. . . . . Or so I hope and assume?

General question... Would you be able to identify the sound of a stainless steel pocket knife being opened and closed over and over? "Snick"... "Thunk", "Snick"...."Thunk", "Snick"...."Thunk". You get the idea right?? This bizarre question will be given reference in the following interlude.

To recap, my reporting structure at my job has changed for the 14th time in 7 years. I am now once again reporting to the person I refer to as "The Serial Killer in Charge" or "Ramirez" as a nod to the infamous serial killer that most people would recognize the name for the reference it is.

I knew this change would bring about interactions, and I was hoping that for the most part they would be innocuous enough. Thus far, they have been. And THEN TODAY HAPPENS.

I don't want to make it sound like I am some amateur sleuth with proof that this person skins people alive, but the vibe is there. There is not one physical q…