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I want to take my toys and go home

Don't you wish you could rewind time for just a moment? Go back to the age where a temper tantrum would get you  banished from a group or to your room for a moment of peace? Well you still can, but technically as an adult that is called being an asshole, and generally you lose more than some time. You lose respect, dignity and if you are lucky, not all of your friends. 
I have to admit lately, not that anyone has said or done anything to deserve it, but I really feel like being an asshole and driving everyone away. I feel a rage building inside that I am not sure I can explain.
Nah, that's not true, I can explain it. It just sounds like I have been an asshole my whole life, at least the version in my head versus who I am today based on the circumstances of my life such as they are now. And taking that into consideration and explaining it makes me sound like a selfish whiny shit. 
If you have read even one thing I have written about the 'Rent, then you know that at the mos…