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'Rent Shopping List Torture

Has anyone else heard that schools are doing away with Cursive Writing? I recall struggling to master this as a child and never truly succeeding but I don't think it should be completely removed from our knowledge base. I mean, in theory there COULD be some global magnetic pulse that would take out all electronics... In which case it might be handy to have a form of writing know one knows how to read at our finger tips so to speak? No? Just me? M'kay.

This comes to mind because the 'Rent writes her entire grocery list in spidery script. There is an entire sight test prior to launch to ensure we understand exactly WHAT each item on the list is before we leave the house. Mind you, she usually has several lists going at any given time. Due to her limited locomotive abilities it is pretty important to make sure we can get what she needs when she needs it.

There is one item on her lists, however, that is apparently an ever changing target that we (the spouse and I) can never hi…

The Puddle Olympics and Things better left unsaid.

This weekend the spouse and I got to go visit with some friends that we made that have moved away. We met in the "middle" as it were, in The Big Easy. The weekend was going to be a grand adventure of touring and epic photos and food. It was very little of that, but it was AWESOME in its random amusement.

I am a HUGE fan of people watching, and if you like this pass time as much as I do, YOU REALLY NEED TO GO TO BOURBON STREET. Yes, that Bourbon Street. Seriously. There is so much epic human behavior it is breath taking. Not just there, but the whole New Orleans experience. You just have to walk around and be alert to the folks around you. It. Will. Not. Disappoint.

Let me ask a simple question. Beyond the tragedy of Katrina, what does anyone know of New Orleans? That there is good food? Check! That there is debauchery to be seen and or participate in? Check! That it is a good family vacation destination? Check??? Hold that thought.

We arrived Saturday afternoon and the hotel…

Face encounter of the Plane Travel kind

This past week I was sent on a trip for work. The trip was to Nebraska. Having never been there, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was nice and clean. Nice people. It isn't any more in the middle of nowhere than where I reside in the South. I got to see a different type of Sports Madness, and it was nice to see that regardless of location, sports Faithful support their teams no mater the sport or location. It was a nicely homey feeling so far from home.

The hotel was decent, with an attached restaurant that provided good food at a reasonable price. Let me preface any further statement with the fact that while I am not opposed to travel, I don't do it for work. It was never part of my job. But they asked and I agreed, so a fast and furious client trip was the agenda.

The facial interaction on the trips out was there, but nothing out of the ordinary. The trip home however...

My coworker and I get to the airport, and we work for several hours pre-flight, because ther…

The 'Rent Whisperer

I was going to give a friend this honorific, but I found myself this very evening claiming the title for myself.

The 'Rent: "You know, Galaxy comes out on DVD today. But I don't see it on P.P.V."
Me: "Okay." (I should note that I was NOT paying attention at this time...)

Me: "Wait. What are you talking about? What movie?"
The 'Rent: "Galaxy. Or something like that. The one about space?"
Me: "You mean Gravity?"

The 'Rent: "Oh, yes. Gravity."
Me: "Um. OK, well..... Just because it has come out on DVD doesn't always mean it comes out on the movie channels right away. It may be a few days."

In all fairness, once I blurted out the movie title she did laugh. I feel like I am playing some game of guess the thought.... I only have one problem with that. I was never told the rules.

'Rent Blip

After a long week of three days where Wednesday felt like a week of Mondays. I am sitting on the couch in the 'Rent's house.

I am tired, and barely processing mentally at this point.

Conversation randomly turns to the weather, as the winter season has been full of WTF in that department. As I stated, barely processing here...

The 'Rent begins commenting on the freakishly warm weather at the Olympics.

The 'Rent: "Putnam said, where else can you go swimming and skiing all on one day."

My brain stopped listening after Putnam.... WHO THE HELL IS PUTNAM? I sat and thought and thought and nothing was coming to mind. I stared at the 'Rent with the Blank Face and she stops talking and says.....

'Rent: "What?"
 Me: "Putnam? Who the hell is Putnam?"
'Rent: "I said Putim."
Me: "Putim?"
'Rent: "Putin."

Um. I can't even argue. It is a five letter name and we still got it wrong?

Oh The SIGHTS WE SHALL SEE.......In our nightmares

I do believe that I have mentioned previously that I live in the South. I was one of the fortunate souls in Birmingham that got to spend a night away from home due to snow. The story in my case, is NOT the snow, but the evening spent in the company of strangers.

Some stranger than others.

I am fortunate that I work with my 4 best friends and while being stuck at work OVER NIGHT is just about as bad as you can imagine, but 3 of my 4 best friends stuck with me. I also happen to work with some really great people, many that I feel lucky enough to call friend, some that are acquaintances, and apparently some folks that like to get their freak on when they are trapped at work with veritable strangers.

The gist of the story is that the forecast for our area was that we were to get a dusting of snow. Let me just preface this with the fact that in Alabama, if someone says snow, it is cause for panic and mayhem. The fact that we were caught so completely unaware is testament to the faith we ha…