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Face Magic in ACTION

Me in mega pharmacy store located close to work at 7:15 am.
 I am buying a 12 pack of diet beverage.
All I want to do is check out.

Cashier, "Did you find everything were looking for?"
Me,  "Yes, thanks."
Cashier, "That's good. What day is it?"
Me, "Tuesday?" <insert blank and slightly confused face here>
Cashier, "I had two days off and washed my hair, so I can't wash it for another three days, so by Friday I should be going to JiffyLube to help out with a lube job."
Me, <insert awkward silence where I try to come up with an appropriate response> "Oh. Yeah, I have oily skin so I can understand that."
Cashier, "Your total is <insert value here>."
Me, "Thanks. Have a good day."

Please, personal friends, PLEASE explain to me what the HELL is it about my face that would make someone BLURT THIS OUT to me in the ASS CRACK HOURS of the morning? WHAT? THE? HELL?

Swimming Upstream

Today I figured out what a Salmon feels like. Only I didn't get to spawn once I reached my goal. Of course that is followed by dying so I can deal without that. I consider today a victory because I simply survived. As I have previously indicated I live by the motto of better living through pharmaceuticals. Lately I have felt worse so I am being proactive in eliminating some of said medical assistance and VOILA I am feeling almost back to normal (normal for me). Today was one of those days where I had myself wondering why I would give up the 'make me numb' stuff.

I don't consider myself a stupid woman, although I am sure I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. I think I do OK. For some reason I spent today feeling like I was 'worthless and weak'. I don't like that town, I don't want to live there, and I usually don't wallow in their shallows. Today I was wearing cement shoes in the middle of the river. This stems from madness and mayhem running the s…

Grrrrr, Argh, Blargh Even!

It is with great regret and sadness that I must announce that I am once again reporting to the Serial Killer in Charge, AKA Ramirez. Yee... haaaa. So what if this is boss 16 in 6 going on 7 years? So what if he makes me feel like I am being measured to ensure my skin will fit into his latest creation once tanned? Not to mention that this was SO SUCCESSFUL the last go around.

I sometimes wonder if there is ever any common sense applied to general business decisions. Don't get me wrong, I know there are in smaller companies, or even large companies with someone brilliant at the helm that employ strategies that work. But when you get so large that you play Human Yahtzee with your employees and it keeps coming up with no usable die in the toss...... Perhaps you should try a new approach. Say, I don't know. LOGIC. See what wasn't working and make a choice to try to fix it with a real live conversation with the cogs doing the actual work and see what they have to say. I know mo…

Stepping forward

I recently had a conversation with someone who said, "Just picking up and moving takes a lot of courage." and I agreed. Then I had to stop and think, because that is exactly what I did almost 7 years ago. If I really think about the decision at the time looking back, it didn't require courage at all. Someone I loved was hurting and I had to be where I could support them to the best of my ability, So I didn't see there as being a choice.The spousal unit and I just packed up our entire lives and drove 1,000 miles away from everyone and everything we have ever known and started over. There has been very little in the last 7 years that has been easy. But EVERYTHING in the last 7 years has been worth every second of struggle. And while I often need to medicate due to SOME choices, the over all result has been worth all of the bad choices and struggles combined.

I have had the greatest honor because of that choice, to watch my nieces become some of the most impressive wo…