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Build a Better Mouse Trap?

This is neither Magical Face nor a tale of 'Rent woe. This is how the spouse and I caught and killed a mouse.

Let me preface this by also stating that we have 4 CATS. In spite of the mouse being in the house for what I NOW realize as being a week. A week, of a mouse in MY HOUSE with 4 cats that did nothing but sit and stare at inanimate objects for all of that time. They were on alert but did nothing to let the two legged house inhabitants know that something was not as it should be.

Last Thursday night the cats went from staring at the fridge to staring at the vacuum.
And staring.
And staring.
And staring.
I moved the vacuum and saw nothing amiss. My spouse moved the vacuum and saw nothing amiss. Apparently the spouse is more determined than I am to figure out the feline mind as he moved the vacuum again and low and behold there was the live and scared to immobility, mouse. I will add that the felines have a bad time of losing their catnip mice under furniture that they can't…