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The 'Rent Whisperer

I was going to give a friend this honorific, but I found myself this very evening claiming the title for myself.

The 'Rent: "You know, Galaxy comes out on DVD today. But I don't see it on P.P.V."
Me: "Okay." (I should note that I was NOT paying attention at this time...)

Me: "Wait. What are you talking about? What movie?"
The 'Rent: "Galaxy. Or something like that. The one about space?"
Me: "You mean Gravity?"

The 'Rent: "Oh, yes. Gravity."
Me: "Um. OK, well..... Just because it has come out on DVD doesn't always mean it comes out on the movie channels right away. It may be a few days."

In all fairness, once I blurted out the movie title she did laugh. I feel like I am playing some game of guess the thought.... I only have one problem with that. I was never told the rules.

'Rent Blip

After a long week of three days where Wednesday felt like a week of Mondays. I am sitting on the couch in the 'Rent's house.

I am tired, and barely processing mentally at this point.

Conversation randomly turns to the weather, as the winter season has been full of WTF in that department. As I stated, barely processing here...

The 'Rent begins commenting on the freakishly warm weather at the Olympics.

The 'Rent: "Putnam said, where else can you go swimming and skiing all on one day."

My brain stopped listening after Putnam.... WHO THE HELL IS PUTNAM? I sat and thought and thought and nothing was coming to mind. I stared at the 'Rent with the Blank Face and she stops talking and says.....

'Rent: "What?"
 Me: "Putnam? Who the hell is Putnam?"
'Rent: "I said Putim."
Me: "Putim?"
'Rent: "Putin."

Um. I can't even argue. It is a five letter name and we still got it wrong?