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'Rent Logic

In moving to the south we have been introduced to a dessert favorite here known as Nanner Puddin, or Banana Pudding for folks who don't speak Southerneze. I have had well made pudding and I have had meh pudding. Sunday I had the best I have ever tasted.

My sibling and her friend came to Sunday dinner. Her friend brought extra Banana Pudding that their parent made as a dessert which was apparently made in bulk. The sheer quantity of pudding was staggering. It was enough dessert for 6 people to have generous helpings, or 8 to have some. I had a spoon full, because of trying to lose weight.

Flash forward to Tuesday night after dinner.

Spouse, "Do you have any banana pudding left?"
'Rent, "In the container on the top shelf."
Spouse looking in the fridge for the large container that came over, "Where?"
'Rent, "The top shelf, the small container to the left."
Spouse pulls out a SMALL container with maybe one serving of pudding left, &qu…

Humorous Epiphany

Spending so much time in one's head does provide some wonderful moments of levity.
It just dawned on me, growing up we are SO horrified about what our 'Rents might do that we are walking talking barrels o' embarrassment. Speaking from personal experience, that doesn't change regardless of their age or ours.
I don't pretend to own any of, or overtly police any of my 'Rent's potential horrific behavior, but I woke up this morning and thought, is she going to get her hair into some semblance of order? Or wear her teeth today? Please don't say anything rude..... PLEASE? And then I laughed for a good three or four minutes, because with the exception of the teeth thought, this could have been the inner dialog of me at 16.
Don't know why, but it really tickled me.. . .I will let you know how it turns out. Chances are 50/50 that any one of the above is going to happen; it is only a matter of when.

Check Out Line Nutritionist

At the grocery store, checking out, two packages of romaine lettuce on the conveyor belt, the lady in front of us has two items, looks at our lettuce and feels the need to comment.

"Ah, romaine, that's the good stuff." in a very mid-western accent.

M'kay. If you say so? Thanks for the tip? Not sure the correct response here. Other than to smile and nod.

Smile and nod is the working response to all Magical Face interactions, just so you know. Because laughing at someone and calling them weird, well that is just rude.

Internal workings of a mind in process.

The premise of this blog has been pretty clearly defined for any dedicated reader. I have two goals. To be able to order the chaos of my life with the 'Rent and express the humor I find in the moments of the slow sad theatre of the morose that is my life. Secondly I blog to spread the word of the strange and bizarre beings that like to drift into my magnetic, if invisible, pull and share a brief flaring light of WTFWT and then move along into their orbit leaving me a nugget of crazy to mull over and share with you.

What I was unprepared for was that recent tales of the 'Rent have made me think of my male 'Rent, a lot. I spent a great deal of time after he passed putting him on a pedestal, and the reality is that he will probably remain there in many ways, but he was more and less than that. He was a man. A man who stayed when I think most men would have left. He put his family above all else, and had more than his fair share of odd duck behavior.

Believe it or not, rememb…

The 'Rent in rare form. . .

For the last several days the 'Rent has been on a tear. I don't mean a, "HAHAHAHAHA, YOU SO FUNNY!" tear. I mean a, "I may trip you as you walk by just because you make me feel mean, and I need a laugh." tear.

When I ask what is wrong I get a standard response. "I'm tired!"

Let us recap, shall we? The 'Rent is retired, and if she was not, she would be on medical disability. So I can see the tired from the COPD. I would imagine feeling like you are trying to breathe under water would make anyone tired. BUT, and this is a HUGE BUT, we also must factor in the compulsive liar gene. Harsh I know, and yet, reality. I mean compulsive because she feels the need to lie and then argue about inane stupidity that makes me want to brain myself or her, or both in no particular order!

She seems to think that we are in some sort of BFF life long competition, constituting of how she will be more miserable and bitchy than I ever can and she must remind me o…

The magic of dreams

For the last week my life has been so amazingly stress free that apparently my brain has decided we need to create drama. In the form of dreams. I have been calling them nightmares but really they are dreams of people that are gone and or have never been.

I am pretty good at letting life roll because really, what choice do we have. We can rage against all of the things that happen that are "unfair" or just roll with the punches, learn the lesson we can from events, and then move on. In all fairness I don't think I know of any one person who has had life just happen along uneventfully for them. If they have, the events of life WILL catch up and I hope for their sake they have a bunker prepared for their own mental well-being. As a second point of fairness, I am not stating that rage isn't a deserved response to these moments either. We are humans and whatever you feel, right or wrong in someone else's eyes, is your emotion to own.

That being said, my subconscious…