Elevator Lobby Randomness

Haven't really had any office nonsense to blog about lately. Of course because you are reading this I had a moment of bizarre while returning from Lunch today.

I am standing in the lobby waiting with my friend for the elevator to arrive and convey us upwards. Someone exits from the floor doors into said elevator lobby. As we had the button pushed to go up I thought I would ask if he wanted the elevator button for down pushed. The answer I got was bizarre at best, freaking creepy at worst. Let us just say, Ramirez (aka serial killer boy) now has a partner in crime whether they know each other or not.

Me: "I assume you need to go downstairs?" I ask while pushing the down button.
Creepy: "Well I was going to Yo-Yo. . . . Up. . . . . Down . . . . . Sideways . . . . . Diagonal . . . . . It don't matter." said in a voice that suggests, as my friend said, People Under The Stairs status.
Me: "OK then. Have a good day." as the elevator arrives and we get on to escape creepy man.
Friend: "Um. That was serial killer, non-descript weird if there ever was a situation!"
Me: "Oh, that is a bloggable moment. And I think I need a shower."

So here I am, trying to get that voice out of my head, along with the crazy eyes behind the glasses that didn't seem to land in any one place for more than a second.



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