Sometimes, well sometimes Life just SUCKS

Today I have no funny stories of the odd ducks I work with, or my crazy 'Rent and her antics.
Today I have a heavy heart and another piece of my childhood and love ripped to shreds.

You see dear reader, I see life as a journey.

As we get older we grow out of the bed wetting, plastic pantie/bedsheets stage into the sleep through the night stage.
We go to school.
We make friends.
We get to know our friends parents and their family.
If we are lucky enough and our friendships long standing enough our friend's siblings become our friends too, or family of the heart along with our friends. These folks become part of our shared history. As such we assume they will be a part of our story line for a long time to come. (AGES even)
We age.
We move through life and talk once in a while.
If they are real friends, time and distance have no real impact on their place in our lives and hearts. They are always there, we just don't get to see them like we used to.
These people become part of the part and parcel that is each of us, and thank heavens for that, because frankly I don't know if I would have turned out RELATIVELY normal if not for some of these people.
And we get older.
We have children of our own.
We move to other places and experience life in all it's good and bad.
We start having to get up to use the loo at night. Well either that or the plastic panties.

And when we can't sleep we look at the news or read a book, or look at social media.
At 2-ish this morning I looked at some of my social media only to find out that someone I care about, that helped make me who I am is gone from this earth.
I have gone through this in my own immediate family and it is terrible. To watch people I care about, A WHOLE FAMILY OF PEOPLE that are part of my history book try to come to grips with this terrible tragedy I feel my heart break.
I see a hole in my history for someone that was supposed to be in the book until at LEAST Chapter 75 or 80. And I wish with all of my heart that I could write their story line different or better so they would not have to know this pain.
So my message today and each day for you is try to remember that tomorrow is a gift. That each person who is in your life is there for a reason and that perhaps you should reach out and just say Hi. (the people who know you will also know this is code for "I love you.") God Bless you and Keep you Carol. "Hi"


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