Culture Shock, I has it.

There are some things I will never get used to, being a "DAMN YANKEE" in the deep south. I am in no way passing judgement here, this is just my observation of the things that make me stand out like a sore thumb at times.

- Never having a full winter. Today it is in the 30's. Two days ago it was in the 70's and we had Severe weather alerts for almost 24 hours.

- As such for the Winter, we have very little winter related sports (or large professional teams) in this area. Hockey is a thing of the past for us and the spouse and I miss it.

- Very hard to find a place to eat that does not feature FRIED as part of every main course. They exist but they aren't as readily available as one would think.

- If you are in the South East you better have a favorite SEC team and declare yourself or one shall be chose and assigned to you. Default is going to be the opposite of everyone in the room if you do not voice the same rabid fanaticism that they do.

- A major thing that I really don't understand, and I guess because most of the time I am kind of a "Girl Fail" they have these things called Beauty Walks. Just about every child I know that is not in Sports of some kind (and many who are) are in these Beauty Walks. I can't really tell what the point is. They are a form of Beauty Pageant per anything I can find out about them. Not that I don't think instilling some self confidence in your child is a good idea, but to focus so much on looks as to compete, just not something that fits into my psyche. I am not a troll but I would never have been a Beauty Walk kind of girl. So perhaps it is jealousy of something I never had nor ever will, which is uncommon beauty. At least not the physical kind.

I am a beautiful person inside, where I think it counts the most. I have a good heart and I make a point to try to be kind to others. While it takes a little while to be comfortable around people I generally am a very social and verbose individual. I just never thought presenting my physical self in a gown and make up to attract attention would serve any purpose. Perhaps the total lack of confidence I have had most of my life would have been different if I had participated in something of that nature, but I am betting that ain't the case.

I don't think at 12, when I recall not getting much from my parents because they couldn't afford it, I would have been able to convince them of the need for Highlights in my hair, an eyebrow wax and a several hundred dollar gown for a one time use. That is the show I got today while getting my hair done. The little girl was beautiful, but she didn't LOOK 12. I remember being all arms and legs with lots of scabs from wiping out on my bike and being tan from running around outside all times of the year. Times change (and location) I guess. Or else I am just an old boring woman, that finally likes herself and doesn't need the gowns and adulation of strangers for self validation.


  1. I also get the vibe that living in the south would involve far more interest in cosmetics than I care to possess. Most of the southerners I know wouldn't dream of leaving the house without full make up and hair done. I've got more important things to do with my time like sleep, or crochet, or eat bacon, or masturbate (then of course, sleep some more).


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