Deep thoughts from a shallow pond

I have had a little time on my hands lately, well not really, but my mind works overtime all the time, so my mind turned to the subject of love in all it's forms.

I have often heard the phrase, "We don't pick who we love in life." and I tend to believe it as a rule because we can see evidence of it all around us all the time. Don't read this and say, "What ever do you mean?" I can think of several times where I have been around someone who looks at a couple and says, "Did I miss something? What is so and so doing with such and such?".

My thoughts took me further down that road because for some reason it led me to thinking about friends, family, everyone we come in contact with.

I made this mental journey because let's face it, we all have someone in our lives that we think, "HOW AM I RELATED TO THIS PERSON (WHY AM I SPENDING TIME WITH THIS PERSON)?"
There is no love there, at least you don't think so, you wonder if there is even LIKE there.
There is, however, the overwhelming need to chew off the arm they have a vice grip on because they need to fill your ear with their verbal vomit of <insert least favorite subject here>. This is the Soul Vulture. They take any wonderful news and turn it into the Apocalypse.

Innocent Victim, "Did you hear <insert random name> is going to St. Thomas for vacation?"
Soul Vulture, "I can only imagine what THAT costs! Where does <random name> get their money? I heard they have a drug/drinking/gambling/beat their family problem."
Innocent Victim, "Oh?" Feigning interest while praying for intervention from anyone or thing to get you out of the now incredibly uncomfortable moment.

We all have that person. And SOMEHOW they are irrevocably attached to your FAVORITE family member/Friend with whom you wish to visit, but you can't get the time without the Soul Vulture present as well. So they tend to grow on our subconscious like a fungus that we can't treat with anything because it is INSIDE so we learn to just adapt.

If they are good for nothing else at least they add color to our lives. And somewhere in the back of our minds, we probably care more than we would admit, because really, who loves the unlovable? Someone does, and chances are, you have one of them and you might not like them, but you still love them.

Because after all. we don't pick who we love, Right?


  1. To put a finer point on this, we don't pick who our loved ones love.


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