One Day of Sanity is simply too much to ask for

Phone rings at 8:30 Easter Sunday Morning, I see it is the 'Rent.

Me, "Yes ma'am?"
'Rent, "I have shingles."
Me, "What? How do you come by this?"
'Rent, "I have a great deal of pain and burning."
Me, "I'll be right there."

call ends. . .

Enter 'Rent's apartment.

Me, "So where are you having pain?"
'Rent, "All around here." This is said while circling her waist and under brazier line.
Me, "Mom I think the power of suggestion is getting to you."
'Rent, "Well it hurt so bad this morning that I had to take a Neosporin."
<insert blank staring confused as hell face here>
Me, "Do you mean a Naproxin?"
'Rent, "Yes, one of those."
Me, "OK, well do we need to make an appointment with the Doctor in the morning?"
'Rent, "No, we just need to get me the vaccine he told me to get."

So here is where the issue lies. The 'Rent never had chicken pox. Her siblings did. We as her chilren did, she did not. But her Doctor explained at her last visit that she had been exposed and therefore would be a candidate for The Shingles. He then made a point of telling her how TERRIBLY painful they are and that she MUST get the vaccine. With the new health care laws he could not give her the shot at the office due to her age. So we have to go to a pharmacy. Being as we have not had to get out much lately we have not gotten to a pharmacy at a time when she could get the shot. So apparently in her mind having now been warned she much surely be a higher candidate for them ever before. Nothing has changed other than her having a health issue to concern herself with. It was there before she just didn't know what it was.


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