'Rent Shopping List Torture

Has anyone else heard that schools are doing away with Cursive Writing? I recall struggling to master this as a child and never truly succeeding but I don't think it should be completely removed from our knowledge base. I mean, in theory there COULD be some global magnetic pulse that would take out all electronics... In which case it might be handy to have a form of writing know one knows how to read at our finger tips so to speak? No? Just me? M'kay.

This comes to mind because the 'Rent writes her entire grocery list in spidery script. There is an entire sight test prior to launch to ensure we understand exactly WHAT each item on the list is before we leave the house. Mind you, she usually has several lists going at any given time. Due to her limited locomotive abilities it is pretty important to make sure we can get what she needs when she needs it.

There is one item on her lists, however, that is apparently an ever changing target that we (the spouse and I) can never hit. It is her Wee Wee pads. And yes I said it, I won't take it back. I don't have a leak yet and I know it is petty, but that is what I call them. This most likely comes from the fact that no matter how many times I go to the store and get them, EVERY #(%*&) TIME I come home I am told that I have in fact, GOTTEN THE WRONG DAMN PADS.


You can not imagine the angst that this message is delivered with. Every time, they are too long, or too thick, or too SOMETHING.

Like I purposely go out of my way to get the wrong thing to antagonize her. I can't even blame the list because it always just has the name brand on it. Not size or length or anything. One time she gave me a label and they changed the packaging and I matched the wording so I know they were right AND I STILL GOT TOLD THEY WERE WRONG.

So it has become a game of purchase and return. I guess this is the punishment I face for calling them Wee Wee pads......


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