Face encounter of the Plane Travel kind

This past week I was sent on a trip for work. The trip was to Nebraska. Having never been there, I wasn't sure what to expect. What I found was nice and clean. Nice people. It isn't any more in the middle of nowhere than where I reside in the South. I got to see a different type of Sports Madness, and it was nice to see that regardless of location, sports Faithful support their teams no mater the sport or location. It was a nicely homey feeling so far from home.

The hotel was decent, with an attached restaurant that provided good food at a reasonable price. Let me preface any further statement with the fact that while I am not apposed to travel, I don't do it for work. It was never part of my job. But they asked and I agreed, so a fast and furious client trip was the agenda.

The facial interaction on the trips out was there, but nothing out of the ordinary. The trip home however...

My coworker and I get to the airport, and we work for several hours pre-flight, because there is time to kill and work to do. The same person who checked my bag was the same person who helped us board the flight, but not before she tried REPEATEDLY to get some of us to change our flights to Saturday morning, because the Corn Huskers had Spring Break started that day. So the flight was full. And of course I got the Chatty Cathy of the College Crowd sitting next to me. The following 20 minutes seemed to stretch into eternity.

I now know the following information:

She is a Sophomore, and an English and Drama Major, and directing an upcoming production, and went to a private school through middle and high school, and is originally from Minnesota, and was quiet in high school, and is not in college, and was going home to go to the Bahamas with their family for Spring Break, and hadn't bathed before boarding the flight. And on and on and on.

The face moment came when she decided to tell me that she had not been herself since she started her new Birth Control. <Insert VERY BLANK STARING FACE HERE>. All that crying and depression..... O.... K......

So the beverage cart came and we got quiet THANK YOU! Only she was also apparently post drinking because she had some serious hangover farts. I could turn my little vent on an escape through that, but as we get up to leave, HER PANTS ARE DOWN AROUND THE BOTTOM OF HER ASS, and apparently she isn't wearing underwear.

Seriously? I just had a three day marathon of stress (at least to me) and I have to face the last of my travels with a sweaty hungover college student ass?

I got nothin.....


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