'Rent Logic

In moving to the south we have been introduced to a dessert favorite here known as Nanner Puddin, or Banana Pudding for folks who don't speak Southerneze. I have had well made pudding and I have had meh pudding. Sunday I had the best I have ever tasted.

My sibling and her friend came to Sunday dinner. Her friend brought extra Banana Pudding that their parent made as a dessert which was apparently made in bulk. The sheer quantity of pudding was staggering. It was enough dessert for 6 people to have generous helpings, or 8 to have some. I had a spoon full, because of trying to lose weight.

Flash forward to Tuesday night after dinner.

Spouse, "Do you have any banana pudding left?"
'Rent, "In the container on the top shelf."
Spouse looking in the fridge for the large container that came over, "Where?"
'Rent, "The top shelf, the small container to the left."
Spouse pulls out a SMALL container with maybe one serving of pudding left, "This is it?"
'Rent, "Yes."
Spouse stares at her with a disbelieving look.
'Rent, "What? I don't have any banana's left. So I had to eat something for the bananas."
Spouse, "You do realize that you could have told us that you needed banana's since there is really minimal content of them in this."
'Rent stares at him like eating 6 servings of Banana Pudding was the obvious choice for her banana needs.

*Disclaimer recap. COPD. No exercise.


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