Humorous Epiphany

Spending so much time in one's head does provide some wonderful moments of levity.

It just dawned on me, growing up we are SO horrified about what our 'Rents might do that we are walking talking barrels o' embarrassment. Speaking from personal experience, that doesn't change regardless of their age or ours.

I don't pretend to own any of, or overtly police any of my 'Rent's potential horrific behavior, but I woke up this morning and thought, is she going to get her hair into some semblance of order? Or wear her teeth today? Please don't say anything rude..... PLEASE? And then I laughed for a good three or four minutes, because with the exception of the teeth thought, this could have been the inner dialog of me at 16.

Don't know why, but it really tickled me.. . .  I will let you know how it turns out. Chances are 50/50 that any one of the above is going to happen; it is only a matter of when.


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