The Mood of the Day = Many Hours of Internal Dialog

We are Human. What does that mean to me? The reality is, we are frail little creatures, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. However you want to look at it, any and all of those states of being, we are frail at some point in life in that category.

We all crave love, affection, attention, appreciation. The list goes on and on. If you are a person that craves none of those things then I am sorry to tell you but you are missing out. Those “things” when directed at us as a person make life worth living I don’t care who you are. My perspective is that of the kid that was always on the outside looking in. Due to circumstances beyond my control as a child, I never felt normal. I didn’t know how to act normal, speak normal, talk to other children, and it was obvious I didn’t fit in or wasn’t accepted. I was fortunate enough to have a couple of really good friends who could handle the awkward and stuck by me and helped ease the ache of being “not normal”. As an adult I still want those things, but I no longer CRAVE them like a drug because I figured out that I LIKE ME. It took a VERY LONG TIME to realize that I might not be normal, but that is just fine. I am not going to say that NOT having those “things” from people when you put yourself out there doesn’t hurt, because it does, but you have to let it go and realize that they are the ones missing out. I am fabulous as I am. I am fun and funny and a damn good friend. If they can’t see it and don’t want to spend time in my presence then TTFN. I got things to do.

We all come with an expiration date. No one likes to think about it, or talk about it, or acknowledge it in any way. Well too bad, because there is an end to the road no matter what. Please make note of the above paragraph. We are not promised tomorrow so if you are thinking I can take care of that down the road, you may not be able to, or the person you were going to direct your energy at might not be here anymore.

I think we as a species forget that our day to day existence DOES impact other people. I know we can’t be perfect. Crap, half the time we can’t even be decent to our own families let alone a stranger. What I keep saying to myself and I spread the word even when someone doesn’t want to hear it…..

JUST BE IN THE MOMENT. Make every moment count. Make every person you meet feel special because THEY ARE. They are in your life at that time and place for a reason. REALLY SEE THEM. Listen to them. Even if you don’t care what they are saying, just being able to say it to SOMEONE might be what they desperately need in that moment.

OK, off the soap box. See this is why I try to stay out of my head so much. WAY too much going on in there. 


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