Even with an effort to be kinder I have 'Rent Stories......

I joined a gym two weeks ago. I can't afford it, and I am 30 pounds over looking like anyone that actually may benefit from a regular work out, but I am doing it anyway. FOR ME.

So the first night I get home from work approximately one hour later than usual,

I am greeted by the Poor, Pitiful, 'Rent looking at me with tears in her eyes, and quivering lip to be told. "I think I have cancer."
Me, "Really? You went right to cancer? You feel bad for a week so you go right to CANCER?"
'Rent, "Well something is wrong, I can tell I just don't feel right."
Me, "OK so can we go ask the doctor rather than jumping right to CANCER?"
'Rent, "Well I guess so, but I know he is going to tell me it is cancer."

At this point I leave her abode. I really have no words. I know she is now feeling neglected because I dare to take an extra 30 minutes out of my day and do for me rather than come home to sit and stare at her. But CANCER? We lost my brother to cancer, so for me, this is a pretty hard thing to see, hear, know. And certainly not the pity party generating comment she was intending for it to be. All it really did was piss me off and push me away.

My sibling was kind enough to take her to the doctor and get her checked out. It ended up being a symptom-less UTI. 10 days of medication and she is back to her less than sane self.

Cancer. Seriously?


  1. Kinda makes me think of Pitiful Pearl watching a commercial and insisting dad watch it with her, "Oh this will help you!" So he dutifully sits there and watches it, and she says, "Well?" He replies real dryly, "Well yeah, it'd help me if I had genital HERPES!" Gotta love it when they just start grasping at straws, flailing, for any type of conclusion.


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