What we have here, is a failure to communicate. Literally.

So the 'Rent had a doctor's appointment recently and the spousal unit was kind enough to take her for me to this appointment. It was with her lung doctor, to get a reading on IF and if so HOW BAD her breathing as gotten.

Apparently this involves being put in a chamber without the aid of her Oxygen Concentrator. What is in this chamber is still up for debate, as is the actual testing they did. From the spouse's description I get the feeling the chamber is so that they have an exact reading on the oxygen content in the air she is breathing without the machine, so they can test A) how much O2 her lungs are getting out of regular breathing, and B) how much air her lungs can actually push.

So I called her, and the conversation went like this:

Me, "Hi Mom, how did the doctor's office visit go? What did they say?"
'Rent, "My breathing hasn't really gotten any worse."
Me, "Well that is great news!"
'Rent, "The test was horrible. They put me in this tube with NO AIR."
Me, "You mean, you were without your machine, right?"
'Rent, "No, I mean they put me in a tube with no air."
Me, "Wait, so they put you in a vacuum tube?"
'Rent, "Yes. I was in a tube with no air."
Me, "Mom I don't think that can be right, you would have exploded."
         At this point I have images of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the movie where he is trapped outside on the surface of Mars.
Me, "Are you sure it wasn't just a room without your machine in use?"
'Rent, "No, there was no air."  
        I am now getting the understanding that this conversation could go on forever like an Abbott and Costello skit so I let her win.
Me, "OK Mom, if you say so there was no air. I m glad it went so well. I will see you in an hour."

I later got the deets from the Spousal Unit that explained to me that it was indeed what I thought and they DID NOT in fact Vacuum Seal the 'Rent in her own hermetically sealed package.


  1. What did the doc say though? Has the breathing gotten any better or no worse? I never take what Pitiful Pearl says as actual fact. Hell, she told us dad was on HALDOL (a heavy duty anti-psychotic) when he was on life support, borked out of his mind. HALDOL? REALLY? Said with the same tone and exasperation as your other post about CANCER? REALLY?


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