Let me preface this with, welcome all, including haters, since I know you shall appear. The title of this blog stems from the apparent magic of my face which encourages total strangers, way more often than people I am close to, to share their dubious personal information with me. That, and or random crap for which I have no reply, regardless of how much time I ponder the statement made in my presence. I am no brighter than anyone else, but I am very observant of random behavior and apparently have a face that appeals to all. Folks tell me I never meet a stranger. . . . I would have to disagree simply on the word itself. Strange? Absolutely. But  apparently my visage says to one and all I am willing to listen to you share everything about you, even if my mind is not engaged my face (?) is. 

The upside of this whole Face thing is I like to laugh at life, and therefore I have constant fodder. Most importantly I can laugh at myself and never take anything too seriously. It isn't worth it. Not everyone is going to like me. Not everyone is going to share random crap with me. Not every day is something good and funny going to happen. But on the days that it does. I LOVE TO BE ABLE TO LAUGH about this crap. If we can't laugh at life, we are missing the point. Humor is good for the soul, and digestion, (just sayin). 

I also intend to share the brilliance that is my mother. Seriously, she is brilliant. What I failed to realize until I became an adult was that if she had only used her powers for good instead of evil we would be millionaires. But she hasn't, so instead I get to share the random and bizarre comments from her with you, dear reader, and I hope that you enjoy the magic as well. 

Welcome to my world, I hope you get the humor from it that I intend. If not, it is all cool. Peace.


  1. Welcome to my world! I hope blogging will be everything you hope it to be! XOXO

  2. Fabulous debut post. Bravo :)


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