What started as a means to keep myself sane and laugh at the world......

Has turned into my treasure trove of Random memories of the 'Rent's insanity and humor and just plain 'Rentness.  I have read back over several posts and while painful they were also very uplifting. It is amazing how much you can love someone in spite of or maybe because of the history you share.

I have been off the grid for over two years and it has been a long hard road. All the years I thought I was struggling with the 'Rent was just child's play. I won't go into gory unnecessary details of what the last year was like, but I will get on my soap box for one moment. You don't have to smoke to get COPD but it helps. STOP. Just stop. I have lost family to cancer and there is no 'Contest' here but they are both in equal measure their own path through hell. If you love someone and you smoke, I beg of you to stop because whatever it is doing to your body, no one you love is prepared emotionally to watch it.

That being said, I am starting to get my feet back beneath me. I have had to explain to the spousal unit several times that yes, the 'Rent made me crazy but even if she didn't love me the way I wanted her to, didn't mean I didn't love her. There is a very large gap where we spent every evening together and how we shared meals each night.

Life continues on with the crazy, I still run into folks that just HAVE to share too much. I am hoping to start back up with the shenanigan posts. I need to find that energy and humor again. It is amazing how far back the road to your new normal is when you take this journey.


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