What did I just see?

So I am enroute to the grind this morning, and I am getting off of the interstate and onto another very busy highway, and as such am sitting in morning traffic.

The person in the vehicle in front of me is doing what I like to refer to as the Dude Stance in his seat. You know to what I refer. . . . The tilted to the right, leaning on our elbow, just hanging while we are driving...... Usually the left should is lifted up. I don't mean to stereo type but I suppose you could call it the Thug Position as well. Perhaps?


As we are getting into the lane to exit to the right, he starts what I would call the "get the water or itch out of my ear canal wiggle. Where you press on the little flap of ear cartilage on the face side

and wiggle your knuckle or finger (whatever you are pressing with) vigorously until you get rid of the itch, the water stops being annoying, etc. Regardless the issue gets resolved.

This person, however appeared to remove his entire finger from his ear. Or a pen, or some long object that really had no business being in his ear. Mind you, I was behind him, and only caught the silhouette of what he was doing, and at 60 mph it is hard to gauge, but it was very disturbing. I mean if you really want to scratch your brain, why don't you do it like everyone else and stick your whole finger up your nose?


  1. Well, that didn't end how I envisioned it in my head!


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