Face Magic is Catching

The spouse and I went to a book signing just prior to my surgery. Not something we normally do and with the invention of the e-reader this might be the first actual paper book I have purchased in two years. That being said, I would not have missed today's signing for the world as I have great respect or the author. I find that he has the same outlook on life that I do, only about 500 times more brilliant. OK, this is a side note just to explain the outing.

After said signing we met a friend and had lunch before we went to go get some Holiday Decoration shopping done, this was the weekend before my surgery so we were kind of making it a date day AND It was really more of a time waster to avoid the 'Rent. Shopping, not lunch.

Said friend arrives before us and gets a table and a drink. Smart Friend! We arrive and he informs us that apparently our waitress has extreme over-share disease. Wait, I gotta back up. FIRST he tells us he got carded for his beverage, which at our age that is a celebration waiting to happen. THEN he informs us that her first comment to him was "This is my first day back to work, I have been out four months with a new child." So we re prepared for her when she walks up. Or so we thought.

We know that she has two children. How she raises them. Which school they root for in their house when it is football season. They have no video games. Barely watch TV. Her children are her world. And apparently 4 months is too long to keep her from adult interaction and we hit at a BAD time since she was NOT BUSY ENOUGH TO KEEP HER AWAY. At one point I got up to use the ladies room. She was at the table talking. I TOOK MY TIME. She was still there when I got back.

My friend was shocked and a little appalled. I told him, WELCOME TO FACE MAGIC, NOW YOU HAVE IT TOO.


  1. I can attest that the magic is INDEED catchy.


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