Grrrrr, Argh, Blargh Even!

It is with great regret and sadness that I must announce that I am once again reporting to the Serial Killer in Charge, AKA Ramirez. Yee... haaaa. So what if this is boss 16 in 6 going on 7 years? So what if he makes me feel like I am being measured to ensure my skin will fit into his latest creation once tanned? Not to mention that this was SO SUCCESSFUL the last go around.

I sometimes wonder if there is ever any common sense applied to general business decisions. Don't get me wrong, I know there are in smaller companies, or even large companies with someone brilliant at the helm that employ strategies that work. But when you get so large that you play Human Yahtzee with your employees and it keeps coming up with no usable die in the toss...... Perhaps you should try a new approach. Say, I don't know. LOGIC. See what wasn't working and make a choice to try to fix it with a real live conversation with the cogs doing the actual work and see what they have to say. I know most of this feedback will most likely not be of value, but there has to be SOMEONE in that mass who has some input that you can log and review.

I am not talking about the personality thing here either. No one is going to LOVE everyone they work for. Well, unless they take lots of meds to function, in which case they will love everyone, anywhere. Aside from the whole mass murderer vibe there is a total mental disconnect with Ramirez. Admittedly this is because he is smart on a level most of us can only imagine, his thought process is so far beyond an actual day to day boss as to be from another planet. And what we find to be lacking is a voice with the decision makers. This is not going to change with this new development. Mostly because we don't speak the same language so he can't even act as translator.

<Sigh> I guess it will make for good blog fodder upon our encounters since they usually end up a 10 on the "WTF Just happened" scale........


  1. You just might be overestimating your pointy haired boss' intelligence here; except for maybe as a level of the 'criminally insane.' He's creepy and disconnected, but not in a "bless his heart" way. Just sayin'...don't go turning your back babe.


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