Face Magic in ACTION

Me in mega pharmacy store located close to work at 7:15 am.
 I am buying a 12 pack of diet beverage.
All I want to do is check out.

Cashier, "Did you find everything were looking for?"
Me,  "Yes, thanks."
Cashier, "That's good. What day is it?"
Me, "Tuesday?" <insert blank and slightly confused face here>
Cashier, "I had two days off and washed my hair, so I can't wash it for another three days, so by Friday I should be going to JiffyLube to help out with a lube job."
Me, <insert awkward silence where I try to come up with an appropriate response> "Oh. Yeah, I have oily skin so I can understand that."
Cashier, "Your total is <insert value here>."
Me, "Thanks. Have a good day."

Please, personal friends, PLEASE explain to me what the HELL is it about my face that would make someone BLURT THIS OUT to me in the ASS CRACK HOURS of the morning? WHAT? THE? HELL? 


  1. Because that's what everybody talks about at 7:15 a.m. with total strangers - why it's ok to skip personal hygiene....

  2. Really just seems super random, and is more about them than you. Personally, when she said the bit about "did you find everything ok?" I would have replied "No. Does the store carry "Anal Ease?" And just watch them get all flustered and embarrassed.


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