Congress is in Session

I have a friend who told me once that all of the crazy that goes on with our internal voices is called Congress being in session. Mine is in full swing. There has been so much going on in the world at large, but being the misogynistic ass I am, most of what I have been thinking about has been MY STUFF.

Random thoughts really. Many Many Many Random Thoughts.

I know I am flawed. Hell, I am not flawed, I am downright broken. We all are. We are all these hollow cracked shells that hide the internal soup of life that we are. I don't know how anyone can make it to adulthood without cracks, and if they have, then more power to them. Personally, I want to add some antiquing medium to mine to give them more character. And I am not ashamed of being broken. I am exactly the way I am supposed to be. I am beautiful in my brokenness, just like we all are.

Still dealing with the steady decline of the 'Rent's health. The emotional toll it is taking on me is much greater than I let on. It is adding to the brokenness daily. Mostly because I am helpless to do anything to make her life easier and watching her struggle emotionally with this is soul crushing.

My sibling's oldest just got married, it was a beautiful day. With time to reflect on "Why the big let down when it is all over?" thing, I realized that from engagement to wedding day was a 9 month ordeal of planning and planning and doing and planning, and then in roughly 24 hours it is all over. Sound familiar? Except in the beginning you go home with a bundle of joy you have many years (if you are so blessed) to fill your days with their growing and changing. This.... Well this is 24 hours and then they are off on a grand new adventure of their own. And you are left wondering where the last 20 + years went and an empty bedroom. I am not even the parent and it still sucked for me, so I can only imagine what the Sibling is going through.

Two random work instances......

1) Someone I have never met was on our floor getting coffee, I happened to be walking towards said person and got the head to toe stair down. Look, I am not a troll, I don't think I should live under a bridge and answer to Billy Goat Gruff, but I have never been the person that gets THAT checked out. It was unnerving.

2) Another someone that I work with and know, but don't KNOW KNOW... As I went to walk past them yesterday (because they were blocking the door that allows for egress from the floor) they reached out and stroked my arm. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! NO! Respect the bubble! DO NOT TOUCH ME! Under NO circumstances should you STOKE MY ARM. Need that hack saw and something to cauterize the stub with STAT.

Those are the highlights right now. Most of the thoughts go back to the 'Rent, hence the lack of joyful noise here. I thought perhaps if I published some of Congress's musings they may leave me be for a while.


  1. Your reading public demands more details, and loves you:)


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