All I dreamed it would be and MORE

Yep, the holiday turned out exactly like I thought it would. Insanity from the word go.

I woke up to go check on the 'Rent and ensure she was all set for the day. I even said I would do the hair since she tires easily and I wanted to do something to try to make her happy for just a little bit.

What I found waiting for me was a sniveling little old woman who looked up at me and said, "Go on without me." In my mind what I saw was her laying on her back on the sofa with her hand palm up on her forehead doing her best wounded war vet impersonation telling me to "Go on without me, I can't make it." Seriously, I was trying to figure out if I went to sleep and woke up and an extra in the middle of a production of a WWII film.

What kind of jackass would I be to spend a holiday meal with 18 other people knowing the 'Rent was sitting home alone? I told her we would all stay and I would make her dinner at home. For some reason, I am guessing since I disrupted the Martyr action, this was met with an angry stare and an grumpy response. Then I got the crocodile tears of, "I'll be fine here alone."

Yeah, because I wouldn't have to kick my own ass for leaving my health compromised 'Rent alone for the holiday. Sure. I will just go right on out the door and leave you behind.

So the answer of course was, "Please get ready, and I will do your hair. We can go, and leave at any time you are done." We get to the appointed destination ON TIME for once, and the 'Rent whips out the ever present Blue Mask that she wears when she goes out in public. Let me share a little secret here. She tells everyone it is because she is afraid of germs. It is because she REFUSES to wear her false teeth and doesn't want people to stare.

Um. Okay? Like wearing a mask like a SARS fearing lunatic at the airport doesn't draw ANY attention to you in the moment? Not to mention the pulling down and up of the mask to eat. Yeah, that is sly like Super Fly. <blank face>

The highlight of my day while I was in 'Rent Wrangler mode,was that I was supposed to be able to read her expressions (mostly hidden by this mask) and or read her lips *see previous statement. When I did not get her point quick enough hands got thrown around like that was going to clear up my confusion. When I finally understand her it usually was no longer just between us since I had to interrupt whomever I was speaking to, to excuse myself and go to where she sat and did not move all night and ensure I waited on her hand and foot. Overall a FABULOUS Thanksgiving day.

I know in my mind and heart I am doing right by her, but there are times when I hope that I am getting CLOSE to making up for what a crappy child I had to have been to inherited this gig.


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