Freaky Deaky Interaction Returns.

Well normal never lasts for long with me. Or maybe this constant state of bizarre is my normal... That is probably more the case, if I had to guess.

So Ramirez comes by my cube at work. Doing some random wandering of the building, since to my knowledge he has no need to wander the floor of our area any more. Each and every CREEPY time he skulks silently up to the entrance to the holding cell called my cube, I get the same statement/question, "Could you turn your monitor further around if you tried?". I sit with my back to the cube entrance, my desk is U shaped around the three walls of the cube. If you were standing at the gap known as the entrance, my laptop would sit in the right corner of the desk. Because I use many applications at a time in my job, I have a second monitor. So as to make it comfortable for me to use this second monitor it is almost at a 90 degree angle to my laptop so I need to rotate my neck the least amount possible to view items between the two screens. Apparently because I have the second monitor where no one can SEE what is on it, it annoys Ramirez. Enough so that every time we interact at his prompting, this is the opening sally of the conversation.

For once this was not the opening.

Ramirez: (walking up to the entrance to my cube eating a banana)  "I should drop this on the floor so you can slip on it. (ha ha ha ha ha)."

Me: Blank stare.

My thoughts on this? So you can hide my unconscious body in the trunk of your car for later filleting for your vest of skin?



  1. My reply would have been, "Yeah, I'll slip on it, and then would own your house/home in the resulting law suit." And of course say it with my flat affect, my FACE, totally stoic and stone faced. WTFF is up with these assholes with whom we are forced to work?


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