Free E-Books are Great if you PREVIEW WHAT YOU GET

I share a e-library with the 'Rent and I have never thought much about what I get to read, because we tend to read the same stuff. I read more Science Fiction than she does but I usually have to load and or clear her reader so I don't give her Sci Fi as a rule.

Based on my last sentence and all previous interaction, I was unaware that the 'Rent even knew how to load the e-reader. Apparently I would be wrong.

I follow several pages on social media sites that offer a listing each day of free e-books. Some days I read the summary before I select my brand of e-reader for the free download, and some days I just take it all.


Apparently on one of the "TAKE IT ALL" days I happened to get something I will refer to as "racy". I don't tend to read these because it makes me sad that my life is not that romantic or sexy or anything. Some of it is just plain badly written DRECK. Good on them for even trying, it isn't like I have ever written a book and probably won't but I do like to be able to read something without wanting to whip out a red pen.

Apparently the 'Rent downloaded said racy book on her own, and boy howdy did I get an ear full!

The 'Rent: 'What did you put on my (insert name of e-reader here)?!?!?!?"
Me: "What are you talking about? There are 4,000 books in the library, you will have to be more specific than that."
The 'Rent: "IT WAS FILTHY! Something about a Doctor and a Young Girl! I couldn't close it or get to the end of the book so I had to page through the whole thing! What were you thinking?!?!?!?!"
Me: "I really have no idea what you are reading. Why didn't you just close it?"

So the lesson we take away from this kids is, A) don't get free e-books you probably won't read anyway. CHECK THOSE SUMMARIES and B) if you do want to read filth make sure no one has access to your library.

PS. I deleted the book completely but then I had to go through the entire library since I didn't want ANYTHING like that happening again!


  1. LOL Surrrrrrre she "Had to" page through the whole thing! HAD TO! :) LOL


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