The Nuggets of the Apocalypse... Nothing is ever really FREE

I have seen how the world ends, and it is in the form of 4 innocent, free, Chicken Nuggets.

Obviously not in the literal sense, but had you been in my vehicle with me this past weekend with the 'Rent who was the lucky recipient of said Nuggets? Let us just say, the existential angst that these FREE nuggets caused, I really have no words for the trauma.

We got our hairs did on Sunday and on the way home we stopped at (insert name of fast food chain) who shall remain nameless to protect the innocent.

The order was placed.
The beverages were passed into the car (this was not without great confusion and trauma on the part of the server).
The 'Rent struggled with the straw wrappers so I had to help with that task. Not sure what was up with that.
My sibling had called during our hair doings, so I made the attempt to call her back. Note, this whole time she is on the speaker in the car, but the following happens because really, why would you let me conduct a full call?

As the 'Rent is attempting to put her straw into her beverage she sees, in the bag of food, 4 innocent fried bits of chickeny deliciousness. (Note, I am not a nugget fan, but I am going to assume for the sake of the story that they are delicious.See also FREE.)
The straw is pulled from the partial insertion into the beverage and placed back into the bag, all the while staring at the nuggets like they are going to attack her from the top of the bag.

The 'Rent: "What are these?"
Me: (to my sibling on speaker), "Hi, Just returning your call, we just got finished and we are getting dinner at (insert name of fast food chain)"
Me: (to the 'Rent) "Free chicken nuggets, they are part of your meal."
Sibling responds but I can't hear her over the looming nugget crisis.
The 'Rent: "I didn't order this, they aren't mine, are they yours?"
Me: "They came with your meal, it is a promotion (insert fast food chain name) is running right now."
The 'Rent: "This is not part of my meal! I didn't order these. They gave us someone else's order!"
Me: "They did not. It is a PROMOTION FROM (insert fast food chain name). It is FREE, Part of your meal, don't eat them if you don't want to!"

The whole time this is occurring she is now eating her burger, while holding the nuggets. (sibling is still on the phone)

Me: "Give me the nuggets."
The 'Rent: "Where is your food?"
Me: "Probably at the bottom of the bag, please give me the nuggets."
Sibling: "OK, well I just wanted to see how your day went. I will talk to you later."
Me: "OK, Love you, bye."
The 'Rent: "Talk to you later." (still with the Death Grip on the nuggets of the apocalypse.

I am handed the nuggets but they are still getting the stink eye.
I put them in the cubby on the dashboard.

The 'Rent: "Why are you putting those there, aren't you going to eat them?"
Me: "May I have my burger now?"
The 'Rent: "What about the nuggets?"

The 'Rent: "I didn't even want chicken and STILL got it."

Yes 'Rent, that is correct. The people of (insert name of fast food chain) are trying to take over the world 4 chicken nuggets at a time.

At that point I removed them from the dash cubby and put them in my side door pocket.

Focus and sanity was then once again restored to the inside of the car.

If you get free nuggets in a bag, is the food really yours?
If no one was in line before us, or after for that matter, the people in the store made a mistake didn't they?
Is this a sign of the end of days?





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