Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

We all know those words. They are on every bottle of shampoo ever made, although I believe "as necessary" has been added to the end of the instructions. I am not sure who needed the caveat although someone had to need it or it would not have been added. Much like the "Do Not Ingest" has been added to hemorrhoid cream because someone felt the need to taste it at some point.

ANYWAY. . . .

For the most part, I do not like to repeat stupidity over and over. I don't think anyone does, and in fact I do believe there is a witty quote out in the ethereal plain that implies that THIS IS the definition of insanity.

I think, however, that there are things in life beyond our control. INSTRUCTIONS perhaps, provided by someone other than one's self, in a position of authority that you have to follow regardless of the lack of logic.

Execute the same stupid pattern of behavior, get the same jacked up results which bring all activity to a screeching halt, and then you are left to try to sort through the debris of the day to determine what went wrong. Only we haven't learned to include a little black box in the instructions. So when there is a total failure, can we get back to start without having to go around our elbow to get to our asshole? Of course not. And in the spirit of all fairness we need to drag a whole slew of people into our misery. And then we have to provide a written account of the accident in detail. TRY not to point fingers. TRY not to state, SEE FAULTY INSTRUCTIONS FOR CAUSE OF CATASTROPHIC FUCK UP, because in this day and age we all need to CYA don't we? Can't be honest, Can't be up front. Can't be REAL. Because we need to pay for our car, our house, our souls.

Bah! So in the spirit of the stupidity in which I swim upstream, I say to you all, LATHER, RINSE, DO NOT REPEAT. Go get a beer, a glass a wine, your agent of choice and go relax. The stupid shit will still be here tomorrow. It always is!


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