I had a moment yesterday, on the job, where I stopped all movement, all thought, and just stared at my phone which had, until seconds previously, been participating in a conference call.
The next thing I knew it was silent.
This was apparently the result of a question that I put forth which was misunderstood.
To this moment I have no idea what was misunderstood.
All I know is, apparently it was enough to send a grown man into a temper tantrum that would be the envy of every toddler alive.
I was the cause of a conference call, of close to twenty people, to be abruptly ended with a hang up from the organizer.

Apparently trying to ensure that the information I was about to hear would ALSO be covered in an email I would be getting later in the day was the wrong thing to ask. '"Oh, well if that is the way you feel, the call is over. Everyone can go." CLICK <<extreme snotty tone employed for this comment>>

For the next 30 seconds or so, I simply sat and stared at my phone, mouth hanging open, large cartoon question marks dancing around my cranium.

The next 30 seconds were spent with me holding onto the arms of my chair to ensure I did not get up and storm down the hall to get into said person's personal space and scream, "REALLY?" at the top of my lungs.

Then I left the building to go get air and to keep from a complete and total meltdown / come apart.

The remainder of the day was shot, as I had no ability to focus post apocalyptic tantrum. I have no problem taking responsibility when I screw up, and often even when I don't just so pave the way to get crap done. In this instance? AW HELL NAW I ain't apologizing for SHIT! I didn't do anything wrong.

If someone wants to be a little bitch, that isn't my problem. For some silly reason, I thought I worked with adult, professional BEHAVIOR driven people. MY BAD. I know we can't always be good little drones, but HOLY CRAP ON A CRACKER. SERIOUSLY?

Oh well. Apparently I just like to be a perpetual shit disturber.


  1. WTFF? Talk about, at a minimum IMMATURE and UNPROFESSIONAL.


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