Harmless? Or Watch Out?

Wouldn’t you all agree that there are levels of crazy?
There is the "You’re so crazy!" you say to friends when they are acting goofy or just out of character for their normal behavior.
There is the “There is something not quite right there, but I don’t know what it is.” Often reserved for singular interactions that you choose not to repeat because of said uneasiness.
Then there is the “HOLY MOTHER, that person is out of their mind, Bat shit Crazy.” This has two substrata in my mind.
A)     Harmless – crazy and scary but they can’t help it
B)     Watch out – stalker/serial killer/psycho in the making.
I currently work with someone I put in the Holy Mother category, substrata Harmless, for now. I get the distinct impression said person is lonely, which could be caused by the Bat Shit Crazy behavior. Seriously, how many of you, knowing someone less than a month would bring, to work, your soon to be filed divorce papers and share that as part of the decree there is a restraining order against you? Then complain, without explanation that you are upset about it. Um, thanks for the overshare. Remind me to go buy a Taser to keep with me at all times.
Last week Crazy happened to wear something attractive to work, I mentioned that I thought it was nice. And out of randomness comes. “Well you inspire me.” ONCE AGAIN, insert face of no expression here.
You are welcome? We have known each other as co-workers for less than three months, and I have no frame of reference how to take this other than, as my friend stated, that is Crazy code for, “I am going to knock you out and stuff you in my trunk.” So needless to say, I am now constantly on alert where Crazy is concerned, because I feel like we are bordering on Watch Out substrata. Probably not, but perhaps it is worth keeping in the back of my mind, since my life is so NORMAL. And no one ever does anything out of character and creepy.


  1. I'd say for the most part she's probably harmless. She could be in utter shock about the divorce itself, which could account for the total lack of filter. I know when I went thru my divorce, the first six months immediately after I moved out there were things I think I over-shared that, in hindsight, I wish I hadn't. And the restraining order? Who knows really what's going on there, but my money's on "Watch Out" as she sounds like a potential Stage 5 Red Banner CLINGER. I wanna cut myself like an emo-punk wannabe just thinking about how needy and clueless this bitch is.

  2. If this was not divorce number 3 perhaps. . . . Again. OVER-SHARE. But indeed shed is a Stage 5 clinger. Love that by the way.

  3. I can't lay claim to the Stage 5 (or was it 4?) Clinger... I got that from Wedding Crashers:)


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