Hubris: noun meaning excessive pride or self-confidence; arrogance.
I would hazard to believe that some might consider blogging to be the height of this. After all, who are we that think our words so worthy that everyone just HAS to read them. I am not so self delusional to think that the world will stop spinning if my drops of wisdom are not released into the collective minds and interwebs of the world. And yet I am going to go right ahead and do so. Mostly because it is very therapeutic and better than going ape shit on some poor slob who just happens to say the wrong thing at the wrong time.
I do happen to know someone that is FULL of hubris. Full of a lot of stuff actually, but hubris is a stand out character trait. Shockingly enough, that would be Crazy. . . . Not only do I have my own personal stalker but she also feels the need to point out EVERYTHING that EVERYONE does wrong, because she can do it not only better, but THE RIGHT WAY. "My goodness, who are they hiring to do XYZ job these days?"
I am impressed with the testicular fortitude that she shows. THAT BEING SAID, if you are new to a group, you don't make friends with people by showing out to people. AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. Being the person charged with steering crazy, well this is now making an already unpleasant job, down right arduous. Add to this, the people she seems compelled to tick off are of foreign nationality and due to cultural differences this is already a steaming battle ground of POO, the 'tude is doing me no favors.
I think I would rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty blunt butter knife that came directly out of ocean water than deal with her and her "Display My Ass" behavior daily. That might be the tropical vacation I keep dreaming of? Well maybe not, but it would beat the hell out of trying to mitigate her inane bull shit, At least I hope it would.
The upside of all of this is, I have some great items to share with people that are almost too great to be true!


  1. I think I speak for anyone and everyone reading this, when I ask you... NEIGH... I IMPLORE YOU... to quote shit this dundering twatrotter has uttered. I need to know. NOW.

  2. Well, let's see. The highlight might have been the first day in the office, sitting in my cube, overhearing a Mom story and telling me how and why my mother is the way she is. A) I take all Mom interaction as tongue in cheek, that is how I COPE. B) You have not known me a DAY. and C) I don't recall asking for input. I will have to update the quotes as I get them.

  3. See, I have one person, who doesn't even work on this floor (she works on 3rd, I work on the 4th) tho she has occasion to come up here. She's part of the dastardly duo, vis-a-vis the "She's Knitting at her DESK" nonsense from August, just as an FYI. She will LITERALLY come up so close to me she is standing on my fucking floor mat, well within my 18 inches of personal space, attempting to look over my shoulder to see what's on the computer screen or whatever paperwork might be on my desk, as if it's any of her effing business.

    I even have gone so far as to put little post-its in discreet spots, i.e., under my calendar, and elsewhere, which clearly state, "FUCK YOU KERRY--GET BACK TO WORK." She can't even complain to someone about these things, because how or why would she even know they exist in the first place if she weren't rooting around at my work station?

    Again, this was someone that I was just somewhat reasonably "workplace nice" to, under the guise of being professional... I mean, after all, it's not professional to tell her what a miserable gash I think she is, now is it? :)

    I suspect, that, perhaps in my attempt to remain civil (to remain employed), she is somehow misled into thinking I'm "friendly" or *GASP* perish the thought, that she might think WE. ARE. FRIENDS. Because trust me when I say, that if I were not working with her, in any other circumstance I would cross the street to avoid dealing with her, much in the way I avoid panhandlers and tweakers just outside our office.


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