So I am standing in XXX drug store to get a prescription, and a woman/girl (not really sure of the age as she was small of stature and smooth of skin, but old of aura if that makes sense) walks up to the counter near me. As she walks by me, she feels the need to share with me, "I had perfume on my hands and just rubbed my eyes."

B L A N K - F A C E

What runs through my head is "I have not made eye contact with you, no one else is standing around here, and if you are really stupid enough to have done this, you could have lied and said it was ALLERGIES since the groundhog lied and we are IN SPRING." Of course I did not say this, I said, "Oh. Well that has to hurt."

The pharmacy tech asks me my name, I state it, SHE responds with, "That is a pretty name, I ain't never heard that before." So I feel compelled to defend my name, being as it is rather different, by saying, "I was named after my grandmother, she was from Europe." Apparently this was my fatal mistake because now I have engaged the perfume eye-swiper and I am now an active participant in said random comments.

"Well, my plain old name is Bxxxxxx-Fxxxxxxx."
I feel compelled to state, "Still a pretty name." What I am thinking is, I did not make EYE CONTACT with you, I have not turned around, so for the love of all that is holy, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING TO ME."

I finish conducting my business and leave, and all I can think of is as the title of the blog says, WHAT IS THE MAGIC OF THIS FACE THAT RANDOM PEOPLE OF QUESTIONABLE INTELLECT FEEL THE NEED TO SHARE THIS CRAP WITH ME????????????


  1. Was wondering what was so unusual about your name but then remembered your actual first name. You just look approachable. Look like a crabby bitch and people will leave you alone!

  2. My usual response when strangers try to strike up unwanted dialogue is, "Uh, yeah..." and walk 180 degrees in the opposite direction.


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