You just never know what is gonna happen next.. . . .

So I am sitting at my desk working through another fantastic Monday, we ALL LOVE MONDAY. My day started at the ass crack of half past midnight. My spouse works nights and woke me up when he came to bed at 1:30 AM (unintentionally) and IN SPITE OF the sleep aid I take which ENSURES I will sleep 8 hours, I got 3.5. Somehow my sleep aid played a part in the following. . . .

Me: Hello.
Caller: Hi There. I am looking at blah blah blah. How are you by the way?
Me: Fine. Amazingly I have been up since 1:30 even though I take (insert sleep aid of choice here) and somehow I am not tired.
Caller: That little bit of sleep? Well that explains a lot about you.
Me: Hahahahaha. Yes, yes it does. (in my head, DUMB ASS)

And this folks is where the conversation goes HORRIBLY WRONG with no assistance from me. . .
Caller: Hey, I went to the doctor last week and he told me that all that allergy medication we take and even the stuff in (insert sleep aid of choice here (please note, sleep aid does not contain a decongestant, so how this became a subcategory of the previous product I do not know)) can cause Prostate problems.
Caller: Yeah, it is no wonder we all end up with Prostate cancer.
Me: Um, yeah.

Call goes on from there and even pertains to business.

OK, I can only assume that the overwhelming need to speak of his prostate led him to insert this tidbit o' trivia into our conversation. My sleep aid does not contain any decongestant, so is not relevant to his point. I DO NOT HAVE A PROSTATE. I HAVE BREASTS. They are not medically mutually exclusive per se, but usually you have one or the other. So now I have a co-worker that feels the need to over share, repeatedly. He does this often, but this is the first time we have crossed this particular line in the proverbial sand.

I got nothin'.


  1. Ranks right up there w/a boss informing me about HIS enlarged prostate etc, but I already deduced something was amiss given the blood tinged dribblins he'd leave in the restroom. Um. Gahhh!


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