Family Therapy Anyone?

Spent the day helping a friend, so that was the best part of the day. BUT, What day would be complete without a Mom moment?

Our house if full of furry critters, both big and small. Since we were out for the whole day, the big furry beasts were restricted to their crates, so when we got home it is a free for all of food, restroom visits to the great outdoors and rough housing to burn off excess energy. All of THESE actions are handled by the spouse because I am obligated to visit with the parental unit we have neglected all day (poor parental unit, insert pout-y face here).

While rough housing with the big beasts (and by big I mean 100+ lb dogs) the spouse was on hands and knees stalking the Big Chicken Dog. Because of said stalking, Big Chicken Dog is barking as if we are in the middle of a full on invasion of aliens coming to kill us all. I am in the parental units house trying to visit with her neglected self and becoming annoyed with BCD's frantic barking, having no idea that the spouse is on the floor with the dogs.

A flash of fur goes by behind parental unit's couch, frantically scrambling, and of course it is BCD, Parental unit reaches out to grab the other dog that surely MUST be chasing BCD and causing this commotion only to grab the spouses back. She instantly pulled her hand back horrified, laughing and embarrassed. All in all it was a classic Mom moment, because the look on her face told me it was ALL HIS FAULT. My thought through this interplay was "how much therapy are we all going to need to get over this awkward moment?"


  1. I'm disappointed Parental Unit's first response wasn't to immediately start squealing like a pig! :)

    And again, makes me with that Glade had a Xanax plug-in. I envision it in a cozy, comforting scent like vanilla sugar cookies spiked w/arsenic.

  2. I am going to suggest that we install surveillance cameras in all areas. WE MUST GET THIS STUFF ON TAPE..

    I have visions of "The cone heads" cross with "3rd Rock from the Sun"...


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