Face plant to desk anyone?

me sitting at my desk..... phone rings:
Me: "Hi Mom."
Mom: "Hi, I was just checking on you. How did you sleep."
Me: "I didn't really."
Mom: "Don't worry, neither did I."
Me: "Oh, well try to rest. I will call you when I am on my way home."

Hang up phone, face plant on desk. Actually what happened was this.....
Me to my friend: "Really? And you have so much to do? You had to work this morning? OH! THAT'S RIGHT, YOU DON'T WORK. So you have to clean your house? OH! THAT'S RIGHT, I CLEAN YOUR HOUSE FOR YOU!" said to my friend so as not to blurt this into the phone before hanging up so as not to add to the Ball O' Suck.

In all fairness, the pet we put to sleep was more of a companion to my mother than any other pet, but HOLY CRAP. REALLY?


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