The boring between the WTF moments

As of late, miraculously, my life has been quite boring. Truth be told, I LOVE IT. I live for boring, since most of the time I have drama from all areas of my world. Boring is a relative term, being as I am fighting allergies (in winter that has 80 degree days) that like to sit in my head and beat on my brain. That aside, all has been quiet and quiet is damn good.

I found out Serial Killer Boss is going away for a business trip abroad for an extended period of time. He shall henceforth be known as Ramirez (short and effective). When wishing him a safe trip, yes I know, seems rather out of character based on prior rant - but that is how I roll, I got back "Let me know if I can pick anything up for you while I am there." Um. OK?(yep, you guessed it, insert blank expression here). Thanks, but no thanks, I prefer to purchase my own mementos of travels. I'm sorry, but did I miss a bonding moment that I was unaware of, that you would pick up trinkets for me? There is a bright side to the trip apparently, we (my team of co-workers and I) learned yesterday that Ramirez is no longer the "Sociopath In Charge". One would think this to be good news, and in the grand scheme of things, most likely is. I don't see how anything changes, when the only job advice I have been given by Ramirez, when asking for guidance has been "Do what you know in your heart to be right." I don't really think there is any professional advice I have ever received that is on par with that. Truly.

ALTHOUGH I do have a close second. . . . an old boss informed me they had been terminated from not one but TWO jobs, and still thought it pertinent to decide to try to give me career advice. Hey Skippy, don't inform people you have been fired twice and then act all knowing. That right there? THAT might be the definition of FAIL.

I have been Mom free for the last 6 days. She has been staying with the sibling. Said sibling calls me and states, "We REALLY need to find something for Mom to do to keep her occupied and her mind engaged." REALLY????????? DID THE MEMO I SENT OUT 5+ YEARS AGO JUST GET TO YOUR HOUSE NOW??????? Mom didn't (read wouldn't) leave the house when she was still driving and had access to a car to TAKE HER PLACES. She is now 100% dependent on us and won't go out unless she gets a wild hair. When that tickle o' the hair happens, if I am NOT READY AT THAT EXACT MOMENT, well then I shall suffer the consequences of sloth and having a life outside of her whim. The attitude and grump factor go into the stratosphere, and I am a guilt junky so the whole thing becomes a festering pot of resentment and malice. GOOD TIMES. That aside, I have one more day of peace before the mantle of responsibility is once again thrust upon me. I can live with that........

***** I must caveat the above paragraph with the fact that said sibling has MORE THAN ENOUGH ON THEIR PLATE without having to act as the co-activity director on the Cruise Ship from Hell with Mom. . .

Well I guess I should wrap 'er up for another day. Not exciting or compelling today. Just not feeling it today. Peace out people!


  1. BRAVO! (claps) Srsly. I damn near snotted myself while reading this. Serves me right for drinking a beverage while reading your rants.

    Not sure what got me going more... the bit about the trinkets, the FAIL, or the bit about it taking 5 years for the email to get there.



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