My new hero

I have come to the realization that over all, I am a fairly brazen individual. I fall in the bottom of the birth order and from my own personal observations, we tend to be a demanding, attention seeking bunch. As my new hero pointed out yesterday I say the things other people are thinking. Mostly it is too myself or as an aside because while I may be snarky I don't like to hurt people intentionally. I seem to do just fine processing that particular function without intent. No need to add to the mayhem frankly.

So last night my new Hero and I signed up for pedicures. There was a promotion by a salon not too far from the office that advertised Pedicures with Gellish/shelac (uber durable polish and or plastic for nails) for $15. This is not a HUGE deal, but it was a new idea and an excuse for a girls night out. So we sign up online, call to make our appointments and off we go.

We arrive at a nice upscale salon. Lovely decor, with hair on one side, nails on the other. We get into the salon, "peek ah collar" and then sit to wait. Someone on the hair side was getting a perm and there was some major fumage going on. That was downside numba one.

We get into our chairs for the foot grooming portion of the evening. At this point the "owner" finally has to speak up because apparently the add was "Incorrect". The $15 is only for a basic pedicure. M'kay. That isn't what the add says, but I am not going to argue over it, since obviously my feet are already being handled and it has been a long day. I was not going to get into a battle of wits with Betty Boop. Yes you read that correctly. She had a valley girl accent and Betty Boop inflection. Just listening to her speak was knocking IQ points off as I sat in the chair.
Betty, "Um, you picked a gellish color, and this is only for a basic pedicure?"
Me, "I have the coupon and add in my purse that says gellish."
Betty, "Well the marketing group for the website did the add? and there was a problem with my computer? And they were calling me telling me it had to be approved by 6 AM? So I told them to run it?"
My new Hero, "So you approved the add, but don't approve the add, and you aren't honoring it?" This was said with the sweetest smile on the planet. Apparently this also went over Betty's head. (This is the exact moment that this woman went from friend to hero.)
Betty, "Yes?"
Hero, "So has this add campaign been successful?"
Betty, "Well we are waiting to see, since we are looking for repeat business?"

At this point, I am already under the dryer, and the Hero is still getting her feet did. We didn't discuss it until we left, but we both thought at the same time. . . .  If you are looking for repeat business, but not honoring your add, and doing what amounted to a polish change I could have done at home. Well, GOOD LUCK WITH THAT.

As we are checking out, my Hero is trying to figure out the fastest way back to the main highway. Betty comes out with, "Are you down with curvy roads?"

Insert blank staring startled face here. I am in my 40s and my Hero is in her 30s. Being "down" with anything is kind of a stretch for our hipness. Take that IQ points, Direct hit of -20!

So we head out, toes did. Go get a drink and laugh the night away until we head for home, who knew you were going to get a Betty Boop sound alike in a nail salon that makes every statement sound like a question? It will provide fodder for the unending giggles sure to come from our cubes of the next couple of weeks.


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