Perspective Shift

I have been bouncing back and forth between normal and psycho lately. And not really for any real reason other than I probably spend to much time in my head. While this is nothing new, apparently some days my INTERNAL filter is jammed up with crud and I can't get to one mental frequency of normal, or at least normal for me.

In the mean time as I bounce within my mental rubber room, I am presented with updates on a certain social media site which reminds me that I am being a total freak for no reason. At this time, knock Formica, no one in my immediate family is ill. I have a steady if somewhat tedious job, and I have wonderful friends that love and support me and keep me laughing at myself when I need to do so.

The updates I get remind me that many of those people I have as friends while neither immediately accessible by car, and or time and distance have caused a lapse in communication, are facing LIFE CHANGING / THREATENING situations. What I tend to do in these situations is Bitch-slap the voices in my head and make them listen up. I wish I had one tenth of the strength and grace these people have. Not only facing these things but sharing them with others.

I have come from a household where you don't talk about the elephant in the room because It Will Run Your Ass Over, or at least my male 'Rent would have made me shrink into the floor for calling out that there IS an elephant there AT ALL. You don't talk about problems, you don't share them to make the burden easier, or get a shoulder to lean on because you are supposed to suffer in silence.

Um, I would be the child that says NAY, I SHALL NOT DO THIS. And in return, I WANT MY FRIENDS TO KNOW THAT AS LONG AS THERE IS BREATH IN MY LUNGS I AM HERE. I may not always say or do the right thing, in fact I will probably screw up a lot, but above all, I love them all and I will always support their decisions and listen to their cries.
If they are cries of pain I will offer a hankie, and if they are cries of joy I will join my voice with theirs.

So to all of the people I hold dear, know that I am in your corner, now and always and I hold you all in awe for who you are. And thank you for being there for me to cheer on. And for kicking my head back out of my ass when I need it done.


  1. Perspective is everything! No matter where we look, there will be friends who are doing much worse than us, and there are others who are doing much better. Take that which is useful and discard the rest.

    I can totally relate to the not wanting to talk about the elephant in the room, for the exact reasons you described.

  2. Excellent entry as usual!! I think in modern time, we are a bunch of sharers because of social media and horrific reality TV showing wayyyyy more than needed!!! Give the internal filter a moment to unclog and carry on my friend!!!


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