Integrity is not a metaphysical concept

1. adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
2. the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished.

It is one of those things that I believe all beings strive to have, and a large portion of fail at. I say this having endured what I find to be a day lacking in the exercise of this trait.

The reality of life is no matter how hard we try, we tend to fail often. If not a full on fail, then a partial fail. We can't keep every promise made, and if we do, then we are dropping the ball on some other part of our lives. Some of these missed catches are of no consequence while others can spell headaches, or on a grander scale, getting to walk behind the elephant in the room with the chihuahua sized pooper scooper.

I am not going to even try to pretend that I am a passable juggler. I am lucky I get dressed and make it to work each day with the correct shoes on each foot. The 'rent and the spouse seem to live under some delusion that all things in the world as we know it are my domain to control. This might be partially my fault as I tend to try to make everyone happy to the best of my ability. (see fail reference above). Last time I checked the universe was a wee beyond my control. I am happy with mastery over my bladder and checking account. I am not looking to add any new realms to my ability, sincerely.

Be that as it may, I DO take my job seriously. I take my job responsibilities as a full on commitment, and I try not to state I will accomplish something I cannot make good on.

Apparently that is NOT the case for some of my co-irkers (*nod to Maven as this is her word). Do not ask me to guide someone and then when they fail to do their job, leave me swinging at the end of the string like the sacrificial pinata at the party. This is not a nebulous metaphysical concept. If the employee you tasked with doing something is not getting the job done, and you feel very strongly about covering their ass, I would appreciate you leaving my undies in place please. I don't like cold cheeks. The long pause in the conversation would be when YOU are supposed to jump in and either task me with the chore, or get on the bag of flatulence that didn't get the job done the first 5 times you asked him for the work. I should not have to jump in and offer to cover all of the team by getting the work done. I know I am fabulous and all, but really.......

P.S. This information was provided to the person in question on Friday. In detail. At least twice. But thanks for leaving it in my lap as I really appreciate more work I can't get done because the missing parts I need help with. . .those too have been provided and THAT provider isn't as nice as me and won't hork up the information to ME. SUPER. Thanks for that.


  1. They sound as if they are demanding Punishment By Tuna.

    Inquire within.


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